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Entrust your sailboat to us
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Boat management

Own it!

If you ask us to look after your boat for you, we will immediately offer you a mooring at the rental pontoon in Kernével for the entire duration of the contract.

We will list your boat for rent. The rental income will cover your mooring and maintenance costs, as well as part of the purchase price.

We provide you with all the expertise you need to move your project forward, helping you to:

  • purchase a suitable boat at the best possible price,
  • obtain financing through our financial partners (rental with option to buy),
  • outfit and prepare the boat,
  • insure the boat.


Two management packages are available:

Flexible management:you use your boat as often as you like. When you are not using it, we will rent it out for cruises and regattas. You will receive 65% of the rental income. You will be responsible for mooring, insurance and maintenance costs. However, these may be covered by the rental income. The contract term is generally one year renewable.

All-inclusive management: you will receive a fixed monthly rent throughout the 42-month contract (four seasons). ILORIA Bretagne will cover all the costs relating to your boat (mooring, maintenance, insurance). The rental income will cover a significant portion of the purchase price of your boat. In return, you will be able to use your boat for one weekend per month and 15 days over the July-August period. Reservations must be made prior to the start of the season.


Let's look at your project together.

We can perform income and cost simulations to inform your decision.

Thomas de Verdelhan

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